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Branding Marketing

Branding & Marketing

Strategy & Design


Once we help you find your voice and identify your message, it's time to focus on making your voice heard.

We help customize your campaign based on your needs, audience and budget. Whether it is a statewide advertising campaign or a targeted mail piece to stakeholders, we formulate a plan and create a campaign for the greatest ROI to meet your goals.


Our Customizable Toolkit

Every marketing campaign requires a unique set of tools, platforms and resources to share your message to different audiences. Our team works to identify and create tools and promotional products to build visibility of your organization. We pull those necessary services together and create the campaign that is designed specifically for your organization.
Our Services Include:

Print & Collateral Design
Environmental Design
Web Design & Development
App Design
Logo Design
Social Media Marketing
Video Production
Apparel Design
Content Marketing

Full Rebrand & Marketing Launch

With a detailed analysis of the Yellow Cab Company brand, Speak PR determined and executed a modernized look for their cabs. This complete brand overhaul was in anticipation of their rollout of new advertising opportunities and the launch of an in-car entertainment network. The new brand and network launch at Principal Park with community leaders, advertisers and media secured placement of the new brand in local media to build awareness of the new brand.
"As a business owner, sometimes we need someone on the outside to really stand back and recognize what we, as a company, are doing right and not so right...and then putting a voice and message to it. Best thing I've done."

CEO TransIowa

Powered Walkway Yellow Cab Ad Desktop / Tablet / Phone Screens Dont Get Nabbed Sign Yellow Cab Network Terminal Yellow Cab
Product Launch

Product Launch

Strategy & Management


Leveraging media relations, we help you organize and plan your next event or product launch with precision.

Understanding this relationship with press, in addition to your audiences, is essential to the success of launching new products and services. We consider the timing, location and communications needed, before and up to the actual launch event, to ensure your success.


Hit the Lights

Everything is in place and you have the perfect product or message to release to the public. Now, you need a marketing plan that will reach the right audience and have the most dramatic impact.
Research & Analysis
We have now identified the audience that benefits from your product and services or supports the mission of your organization. With this information, we delve deeper into what motivates them to buy and stress those motivators based on exisiting competitors, innovation trends or gaps that exist in the market.

Communications Platform
After we have been through the research & analysis phase, we determine how best to reach your established audiences through targeted communication channels in media, magazines, video, social media or presentations to affinity groups. Design direction is key, along with the consideration of infrastructure, such as a sales platform, and how to provide for delivery.

Proof Of Performance
Proof of performance reinforces your media brand by demonstrating how your campaign impacts customers and donor actions. We will monitor and evaluate the efforts against sales goals, customer conversion rates and donor acquisitions.

Community Relations

Community Relations

& Interaction


Creating value through personal connections in your community is essential to telling your story.

We help your organization establish a persona that will resonate within your community. We identify the community leaders and organizations that will be successful brand advocates and we evaluate the right messages that connect you to others in the community.


The Power Of Numbers

With our vast resource of contacts in government, business and the media, we can help you identify the key stakeholders who can play a valuable part in the success of your organization's awareness.
Government Relations
If your organization relies on support from community and elected leaders, we are in a position to help you get in front of the right people to help share your story, shape policy and create awareness about your brand and organization.

Business Relations
Positive relationships with the business community are essential for any organization. We work with your team to identify connections that are key to the success of your organization. We help you implement a plan to reach out to those businesses and create relationships that will provide your brand with more exposure.

Stakeholder Relations
Every organization has stakeholders that are vital to their success. They may be your customers, employees, board members or a particular segment of the community. We work with your organization to customize your relations and message for each of those key stakeholders to ensure the audience you value most is kept up-to-date with your organization.

Event Planning

Event Planning



Now you are dressed up and ready to go, what will your party look like and who needs to be there to hear your story?

We work with you to create an event that will match your voice and raise your message up to reach the right people. This will offer lasting value for your organization while showcasing your personality. Our team will walk you through the process from concept to execution.


Dressed For Success

From small groups to large events for hundreds of guests, Speak PR will work with you to produce a unique event that will take your audiences' breath away and keep them coming back for more.
We work with your team to create a unique event based on your budget and expectations. We have a creative team that will look at the whole event experience from custom designed environmental graphics to establishing the perfect guest list. Our plan will help you identify the perfect venue, theme, mood and everything down to the food, music and drinks. The goal is to plan an event that will place you in the best position to tell your story to the audience that needs to hear it.

With a solid plan in place, we work with you to ensure the event is executed flawlessly. We will make sure the location is set, vendors are in place and the event runs as organized. It is incredibly important to us that we maintain the integrity of your organization's brand and reputation as a professional and valuable company to your audience. At the end of the day, we want your guests to leave with a memorable impression that builds brand loyalty and keeps them engaged with what your organization has to offer them.

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