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Public Relations

Public Relations

Strategy & Management


At its core, public relations is about building relationships with those who have a stake in your brand message.

Understanding this relationship is essential to the success and growth of any organization. We help you find your voice to speak with distinction to those specific individuals, groups and organizations who benefit most from your story.


Developing Your Public Relations Strategy

We create a comprehensive public relations plan that focuses on the key dynamics driving your business forward. We find and capitalize on what makes you unique to your audience.
Full Audit Report
We work with you to evaluate your current marketing and business plans, identify your audience and goals, and develop concise messages and tactics to reach these audiences. Speak will establish the best course of action, a road map for execution, and a detailed analytics platform for evaluating our success.

Public Relations Plan
While addressing the objectives in each of your marketing and business plans, we formulate a clear and defined public relations plan to work alongside each initiative to reach your audience, existing and new, and achieve optimum results in media, outreach and public education efforts.

Communications Plan
We discern methodology and tactics to employ and create an editorial calendar to guide your communications. A good communication plan will guide an organization's message and save time and money. We believe that for all communication, the plan and medium must be as strong as the message.

Iowa Speedway
Public & Media Relations

Speak PR launched the national and local media campaign for Iowa Speedway, designed by veteran NASCAR champion, Rusty Wallace, now owned and operated by NASCAR. Iowa Speedway became an overnight sensation and hosts the IndyCar and the NASCAR Nationwide Series. Speak PR assembled a media relations team and worked directly with drivers, teams, sponsors and VIP's in creating one of the most successful media launch campaigns in Iowa motorsports history.
"I worked closely with Speak PR for the launch of Iowa Speedway, one of Newton's crown jewels, and the buzz they created made it one of the most exciting times of my life."

Development Specialist For The City Of Newton

Media Strategy

Media Strategy

& Messaging


Media plays an important role in telling your story and you need a plan if you are going to leverage effectively.

Your media strategy is to find the right path to say and deliver the message to your targeted audience. It is not only procuring customers or donors for your organization, but also placing the right message at the right time with a persuasive and relevant message.


Developing Your Media Strategy

With an experienced staff of former TV and print journalists with media relationships, we can successfully communicate your message using both paid and earned media to your audience.
Media & Messaging Training
We ensure clients have a thorough understanding of their organization's message and how to guide conversations in a way that is productive. This includes how to deal with difficult questions encountered during interviews and public events and dive deeper into the issue without getting caught up in emotional rhetoric.

Earned Media Story Placement
Earned media is the third-party sentiment about your company and it's services or products. It attracts the attention of potential customers and helps in converting them into brand advocates. We work with you to identify your success stories, select the best media vehicle and share your story with your audiences.

New Media Content Strategy
Social platforms are an inexpensive strategy to amplify your voice to new audiences. Understanding the type of content that performs well on a site, the audiences' interest and topics media outlets cover are key to success. We create tailored content to garner media coverage and resonate with your audience.

Iowa Communications Network ( ICN )
Media Placement Case Study

ICN is Iowa's state-run fiber utility. Speak PR has worked with ICN to build awareness of the need for greater broadband access throughout the state for schools, public safety, healthcare and government services. Speak has worked to promote ICN via traditional media placement, increased online presence and informational seminars for the public and elected officials.
Front Page Newspaper Placement
Placement of TV Interviews
Press Release Creation & Distribution
Media Opportunity Consulting
Social Media Audit & Consulting

Crisis Reputation

Crisis & Reputation



Even the most disciplined organization may have to weather a public scandal or decrease in brand loyalty.

It's the nature of running any organization. How you respond is essential to maintain your brand loyalty with consumers and stakeholders. We help to reframe a crisis to minimize damage and create a more positive spin for your organization.

Head On Laptop

Maintaining Your Integrity

Maintaining your integrity with honest communications is key to retaining your customers through a crisis. We give voice to your core values and principles that remain true - rain or shine.
Crisis Management
Crisis management strategies are designed to help an organization deal with a sudden and significant negative event. We create a strategy that addresses not only what happened, but more importantly, what the public think happened. Crisis management is a process designed to prevent or lessen the damage a crisis can inflict on an organization and its stakeholders. It is one of the most essential tools to help minimize collateral damage and target opportunities from mistakes.

Reputation Management
Your reputation and the trust placed by those you serve are your organization's most important assets. Managing your reputation in an environment of a well-informed public requires organizations to respond adeptly to dangerous issues while staying focused on their long-term growth and market goals. A favorable reputation increases corporate worth and provides sustained competitive advantage. An organization achieves its objectives more easily if it has a good reputation among its stakeholders and community.

Brand Research

Brand Research

& Analytics


At Speak, we feel branding is all about creating a genuine emotional connection with your core audience.

Simply put, the best way to accomplish this is to do your research. Your company or organization's core audience is not going to show up on your doorstep unannounced. You have to go out and find them. Thankfully, Speak PR has a great radar.

Bullseye Target

Our Experience

With over 15 years of experience conducting focus group analysis, target specific surveys and relevant content interviews, Speak PR knows how to find the right audience to engage with.
Qualitative Research
At Speak PR, we feel branding is about creating a genuine connection with your core audience. We do this by starting with qualitative research. Speak will bring in a concentrated aggregate of your audience to do a focus group or interview via online, in person or as a phone campaign with open-ended questions allowing for subjective responses. We probe for deeper perceptions, opinions, and feelings about the proposed topics and we bring in consumers, vendors, employees, and senior leadership to help integrate both external (consumer) and internal (employee) data into our analysis.

Quantitative Research
This research provides an objective analysis using various surveying tactics aimed at discovering the current and future core of your brand. The essential goal of this step is to determine awareness of your brand, services and products. It determines where your audience is coming from whether it be geographical location, age, income, and/or skill sets. This provides the guidance we need to establish a confident direction that will be integrated into a public relations plan.

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